Friday, February 25, 2011

Curbing the GG

February has been a long month as far as I'm concerned; thankfully it's the shortest of the year. After getting a fair dose of antibiotics and health issues, I believe I am finally past it (fingers crossed).
Medically getting better, my moral has taken a toll. Motivation to fully get back into Ironman training has been hard to find. "I got the grumps" has been my motto for the last few days, hence the nickname Grumpy Gen (GG), which I inherited from my training buddies Klaus and Lawrence.

So after grumping along all week, last night, I rode my way to the Right Shoe tempo ride at Riley Park. We rode a 24-minute tempo split in 6-minute blocks (high tempo zone/low tempo zone/high tempo zone/low tempo zone). Even though the last 6 minutes were supposed to be in the lower end of my zone,  my legs felt strong and I wanted/needed to feel good, so I decided to CURB THE GG, and it worked! I nailed the last bit causing the wattage to soar and a smile to appear. Little did I know that my smile would freeze riding back home at a frigid -17 Celcius.

So long February, glad you are almost over...and that I found a way to Curb the GG!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Eviction notice: squatters are leaving the premises.

So last week was not a training one, it was a "will I survive?" one.  After a week of headaches, I went back to the doctor to be diagnosed with a sinus AND a throat infection. I was given meds as well as a "you will not race the First Half this week-end" notice. There was nothing I could do, but focus on getting healthy, which can become annoying after a while.

Saturday (yesterday) was my first work-out in a week...and I felt it. We (my 2 training buddies and I) had agreed to have a trainer ride (inside). So we met in Gastown, put on Kill Bill and started pedaling. I was the most conservative one as I had to discipline myself: I stopped after 2 hours. The guys kept on going for 30 minutes and we finished the session with a recovery coffee.

This morning, after a quick scan of the First Half results (would have taken a 1:25 to be in the top 10), I got my legs out of bed and went for a short hour run. I did not want to plan a route, so I lapped around Trout Lake for an hour. First and last time this year. My fitness was average and I could feel that I still host some squatters in my sinuses. Fortunately, they're on their way out as they got the notice-couldn't be happier.

Nevertheless, for a good week now, I've tried to remember what's my mom recommendation in such situations. As we all know, the motherly advice always goes a long way, even though I've (we've?) often taken it for granted, amongst other things. What could I have done to prevent such an invasion in the sinus region? Probably a stricter nutrition plan with adequate doses of Vitamin C would have been a good start.  However, I found a good tip upon my return to the office on Thursday: I read my Chinese horoscope (I am a horse). Well, it turns out that in 2011, horses should "pop Vitamin C like it's candy".

Bacteria freeloaderis, aka the squatters, beware, I've been popping!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Rocking out like a soft pebble

Tuesday morning. Getting ready to go swim. Not feeling it.
 I ignore the little red man on my shoulder and make my way to the pool.
As I warm up, the pool fills up slowly, going for 3 to 8 swimmers in my usual lane.
I get an invite to jump in the faster lane, I agree and think...this is it. Today IS the day.
Today was the day that the stone stopped rolling. I felt like a rock, paced like a rock, and swam like a rock. SO if it looks, acts and does like a rock...well it THINKS like a rock.
I had work duties calling me, could have made the whole set, but chose to get out early.
So I chickened out like a rock. and I still feel like a rock!
Yes, I have been having headaches in the last 3 days, but really? getting out early? Well.
Reset button has been pressed.
New beginnings.
Like a rock skipping on the water, I am off running!